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Meet Barbara & the blog

Hello and Welcome,

I am Barbara Mancilla, I live in San Diego, CA with my husband and our four children. As a family we are very involved with our home church, we strive everyday to follow Jesus. Although, our journey has not been easy we continue to make great efforts to live a well balanced life. I am a graduate from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Soon after graduation, just like every other graduate student I was eager to start in the workforce. But as a parent it is very difficult to balance work, home, children, spouse, and ministry in a 24 hour day. I struggled so much with my identity as a wife, mother, student, employee, and ministry worker that my emotional health suffered. My family and I decided that it was best  for me to stay at home. But of course this decision was difficult because I no longer contributed financially to our family household.

As a result, I  started this blog and continue it as a means of journaling my life. I want to keep my sanity while doing life, my hope is that you will find inspiration and encouragement through my words for your season of life regardless of where you are in your journey. My desire for this blog is to inspire  women of all walks of life, because with everyday struggles comes discouragement and disappointments. However, there is always hope in our lives when we understand that each of us struggle with similar things it makes it easier to deal with life. Here at Simply Grace you will find support, motivation, tips, and reminders to keep moving forward, to never give up!

In spite of where you find yourself today I want you to know that there is always hope, you just have to stay lucid until the storm passes. Remember that it does not rain forever. Sunshine will eventually come and when it does you will radiate. If sunshine has come out for you don’t forget to shine bright!

For all the women who may experience adversity, negativity, or insanity while trying to pursue lifelong dreams you are in the right place this blog will fill you with positivity, constructive criticism, and optimism… it is a safe place where you can be transparent. Find a hope anchored in a spiritual life that follows Christ Jesus! Discover rest and grace in His arms… come follow me as I follow Him!

Thank you for visiting and know that in this site you have a supporter who is cheering for you, you are and have all that you need to keep moving forward the future awaits!!!

Come along for the journey & many Blessings to you,

Simply Me!


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